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Madhya Pradesh is on threshold of a new dawn of hope, says Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi, A day before the crucial elections to the Madhya Pradesh assembly, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said the state was ready to witness ‘a new dawn of hope’ and would embark on a new flight of progress."Ab umeedo ka naya savera ugne ko hae (Madhya Pradesh is now on the threshold of a new dawn of hope)," Mr Gandhi wrote in a Facebook posting. Mr Gandhi hoped that the Congress promise of a loan waiver for farmers, electricity at half rates, "justice for daughters of the state", industrial progress and permanent jobs for the youth, would put the state on the path of a ‘new dawn of hope’. The Congress last ruled the state between 1993 and 2003 consecutively. "My appeal to the citizens of the state is: 'Now step forward. Together we will give an able government in Madhya Pradesh", Mr Gandhi wrote. In his Facebook post, Rahul said that the 15 years of the BJP Government in the state had destroyed the will power of farmers, the inner strength of the daughters of the state and the hope among the youth, all of which symbolised the spirit of the state . ‘’For me, Madhya Pradesh is not just the name of a state but symbolises the will power of farmers, the inner strength of the daughters of the state and the hope among the youth". However, the last 15 years have seen a considerable damage to this identity of Madhya Pradesh. "Here farmers are on the streets, the unemployed and the youth are looking for jobs and daughters are being thrown out of their homes. Madhya Pradesh has the privilege of housing the maximum tribals but their forest rights and livelihoods are being destroyed". In this scenario,the promises of waiver of farm loans, providing electricity at half rates, justice for daughters, industrial progress and permanent jobs for youth made by the Congress have aroused hope among people of Madhya Pradesh. Expressing surprise at the BJP opposition to loan waiver for farmers, Rahul said,’’I feel that by lifting farmers from debt trap will help revive the economy. If farmers is economically self sufficient the country’s economy will automatically be back on track" "I fail to understand why the BJP is opposing it. I am happy that the efforts by the Congress has made the politics of the country ‘farmers centric’. Otherwise there was a time when Mr Modi was bringing ordinance after ordinance to snatch land of the farmers," he said. He said the Congress was committed to waive off loans of farmers within ten days of coming to power, providing guarantee of providing farmers requisite price of his produce, reducing electricity bill by half, a contribution of Rs 51,000 by the government on marriage of daughters and providing them free education from school to PHD.

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