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Maduro optimistic about dialogue process with opposition


Caracas,  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that he will soon announce "good news about the dialogue process" with the opposition "in the next few days." In a recent interview with Chinese news agency Xinhua, Maduro said "we have established initial talks to get closer" to agreements. The Venezuelan government resumed dialogue with the opposition after briefly walking away from the table to protest stepped-up US sanctions in early August, he said. The talks brokered by Norway were being held in Barbados before they were suspended. "I can report that we have resumed contact with the government of Norway, there have been several meetings, (and) we have resumed contact with the representatives of the Venezuelan opposition," Maduro said. The opposition leader Juan Guaido decided in January not to recognize Maduro, and declared himself "interim president" of the nation, sparking a lasting crisis in the country.

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