Mahamilavatis' will endanger national security: Modi


Robertsganj (Sonebhadra), Urging people to vote for a 'strong' government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that every single vote matters and will take the country to heights which it deserved. Addressing an electoral rally in Robertsganj, the Prime Minister said that on this day, 21 years ago, India had conducted nuclear tests and had successfully completed Operation Shakti. He has immense respect for those scientists. Hailing former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government, Mr Modi said that the nuclear tests proved that India had such an ability from earlier time but the government right before Mr Vajpayee did not possess the courage to carry it out. Such a historical achievement is made when national security is placed at the highest level, only then the courage to make such big decisions like nuclear test is undertaken. Only then, the strength of Mission Shakti is displayed in the space, the PM said. Launching a scathing attack at the Samajwadi Party (SP) - Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), the PM said that the SP-BSP leaders never say what policy they have for the country, rather, they only abuse Modi. 'I want to tell them, I belong to the same caste to which the poor hails from,' he said. This was the reason why the poor were given homes, gas cylinders and the money was transferred directly into the accounts of the farmers. SP-BSP--who first destroyed Uttar Pradesh--have now come together to save themselves from getting destroyed. What will be their strategy to make the country strong, how will they deal with terrorism? Be it 'namdaar,' 'behen ji' or 'babua,' no body will not talk to you about this, the PM said. Targeting the Congress for one of its leader's 'hua to hua' remark, the PM said that when the country was surrounded with scams, they kept saying 'hua to hua' (It happened. So what?). Those operating a 'remote control' government could not take big decisions to take the country ahead. Congress betrayed the people of the country, broke the hopes of the country but kept on saying 'hua to hua.' When the interest of only one's family is top-most, rather than national interest, only then, this kind of arrogance says, 'hua to hua.' Mr Modi further said that when the people of country will realise their arrogance, then they will say 'hawa ho jaao,' to those saying, 'hua to hua.' Launching a scathing attack at the Opposition, Mr Modi said that whenever 'mahamilavati' government is formed in the country, it puts the national security in danger. He said that after Mr Vajpayee's regime, the country saw a weak government for 10 years, which put the pride of the country at stake. The rising inflation had hurt the country and the significant 10 years of 21st century were harmed by the 'remote-control' Congress government. Appealing to the people, Mr Modi said that arrogant people can never develop the country. Enumerating the achievements of his government, Mr Modi said that Purvanchal and the eastern India had been brought ahead on the road to development in the BJP tenure. Earlier, this area was ignored. Today, an expressway is being made here, doctors are available, work is being done on tourism and industries. SP-BSP had always ignored this area, he said. Mr Modi said that had Sardar Patel been the PM of the country, the situation of the nation would have been something else, adding that this was the reason why 'some people' also opposed the world's highest statue. This is a matter of pride, but the 'mahamilawati' people say that this is wrong. The Prime Minister said that the government was working without any discrimination, and expressed confidence that when the results come out on May 23, the Modi government will be formed again. Advanced schools will be made in the region so that the tribal kids get education, adding that they were determined to tackle the water woes of the area. Mr Modi, who was here to campaign for NDA ally Apna Dal (S), said that people know that he has had a childhood association with 'cup-plate.' Discussing the issue of terrorism, PM Modi said that this chowkidar had changed the policy of being beaten up. Now, India will not cry. This is the 'new' India which will give a befitting answer to the terrorists. Talking about the issue of Naxalism, the PM said that earlier, the people used to live in the threat of Naxals. 'Your 'chowkidar' has limited the scope of 'Naxalism' to a narrow area,' he asserted.