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Maken asks Modi to recall Bedi for reffering Puducherry as "erstwhile French Territory"


New Delhi, Slamming the statement by Puducherry Governor Kiran Bedi for referring the Union Territory as a 'erstwhile French Territory', senior Congress leader Ajay Maken on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately recall her. On Sunday night, after France won the FIFA World Cup, Ms Bedi tweeted, "We the Puducherrians (erstwhile French Territory) won the World Cup. Congratulations Friends. What a mixed team-all French. Sports unites.' In a scattering attack on Mr Bedi statement, Mr Maken tweeted, 'this statement of Kiran Bedi is unacceptable and is definitely anti-national. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should recall Ms Bedi immediately, may consider Dr Harsh Vardhan or Manoj Tiwari or Vijay Goel as a replacement.'

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