Maldives Crisis


The crux to Maldives crisis is that the Supreme Court has asked the Government to release all nine high profile political prisoners and the President Yamen rejecting the Supreme Court order got the Chief Justice Abdullah Sayeed arrested along with another Judge. He declared emergency in the country. He accused the Chief Justice Abdullah Sayeed conspiring to overthrow his government. The release of political persons would have turned his government in minority in parliament. The Former President Mr Nesheed urged India to send envoy backed by Indian Military free the arrested judges, ex-president Abdul Gayyum. He was President for 30 years in till 2008 when in first democratic election Mohaimmed Nasheed was elected President. He was later ousted and in prison. Most of the people of Maldives are pro India. Under a agreement Indian Navy is patrolling the entire Maldives from all its side in the Arabian Sea. Thirty years ago in 1988 a Maldivian hired some armed persons in Sri Lanka and brought them in ship load to Maldives to oust the Government of President Abdul Gayyum and to assassinate him. Mr Gayyum hid in a place for safety and contacted Indian Prime Minister Mr Rajiv Gandhi and sought help to crush rebellion in his nation. Mr Gadhi in a quick response ordered Indian Air Force and Indian Navy to rush to Maldives to rescue President Gayyum and arrest rebels. The Air Force from Bangalore Air Base and Indian Navy from Cochin Naval base reached there and President was rescued and Government was secured for nation. The Navy arrested the ships and the rebels who were mercenaries from Sri Lanka. Mr Gyyum referred this fastest help provided to him by India in may international events. But this time the Modi Government is not that quick and fast and the people and leaders are anxiously awaiting Indian effective military action in the resend to save it from slipping in anarchy. The President Yammen now tactically seeking help from China to save himself against public furry against himself. The China has asked India that it should not use armed force there and resolve the crisis in political way. Maldives is also a member of SAARC and important for India to maintain its leadership in the region. India is destination for Maldives people for education medical treatment, recreation and business.