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Mallik Brothers present Dhrupad gayan at Jawahar Bal Bhavan


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Mallik Brothers presented Dhrupad gayan at Jawahar Bal Bhavan on Tuesday. The Dhrupad gayan was organized at Jawahar Bal Bhavan under the joint aegis of Spic Macay and Jawahar Bal Bhavan with a view to introduce children to Dhrupad gayan. Prashant Mallik and Nishant Mallik of Darbhanga Gharana began the programme with Bhim Palasi Dhrupad Chautal and captivated the listeners and the children. They concluded the programme with ‘Shambh har re mangal re’ in 10 matra surtal. Gyaneshwar Deshmukh accompanied on Pakhawaj. On the other hand subject expert Ajay Yadav taught children how to make decorative items using thermocol. About 30 children took part in the workshop. Jawahar Bal Bhavan Director Dr. Umashankar Nagayach said the programme of classical music was organized in association with Spic Macay to acquaint the children with Dhrupad gayan.

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