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In Madhya Pradesh MANREGA wage payments to labourers of 20 crore mandays which were long over due now has been cleared off cent per cent. The Centre delayed the MANREGA funds now first installment of 915 crores 20 lakh rupees have been sanctioned. Till April 20 cent per cent pending payment were paid to the labourers. Rs 1000 crores were sanctioned for other related expenditure . The Congress has alleged massive corruption in MANREGA works and demanded appointment of Lokpal in all the districts. So far only 12 Lokpals have been appointed in districts. For the last four years general body meeting of the MANREGA is not held. The Chief Minister is the Chairman and the Chief Secretary is the Convener of the board. Now from May to June 15 MANREGA labour force will drafted in the construction of new talabs in every village of the State to meet the requirement of the village on permanent basis. The talab campaign is going to launched and to finish of before monsoon.

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