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MAPCOST, ISRO jointly conduct study on soil quality in Bhopal


Chronicle Repoter, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Council for Science and Technology (MAPCOST) has conducted a scientific study of the quality of chemicals present in the soil of Bhopal district in association with ISRO’s Ahmadabad centre ‘Sake’. The sensor through which the scientific study has been carried out is called ‘Air borne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer’ or briefly ‘Aviris-Energy’. MAPCOST senior principal scientist Dr. GD Bairagi informed that this is the first such experiment in the field of agriculture in the state. This will help in determining the useful electromagnetic spectrum for the specific chemical qualities of the soil. He said ISRO will be able to launch satellite of suitable optical wavelength on the basis of this study. This will also help in determining the quality of soil and crops at the village level.

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