Maratha Reservation


Entire Maharashtra is in turmoil on the Maratha Reservation agitation turning violent with arson, damage to public property attack on train and road movement and forcing the closure of shop disrupting the public life. On July 25th agitations raided the Mumbai metropolis. The opposed local trains and city transport of ‘BEST’ buses disrupted. The unruly and violent agitators stopped the buses in mid-way and forced the commuters get off without realizing their plight to be stranded in that way on road where violent mobs are holding the city to ransom. This Maratha agitation erupting from time to time by this being the year of approaching Lok Sabha elections has gone very violent. Many deaths unrelated to agitation are linked with agitation to fan the fire. The parties in opposition from election point of view declaring solidarity and support with them. Now on all the small or big agitation the violence is must as it is considered the success of that agitation. The main theme is to disrupt and prevent rail and road traffic and force the closures of shops. So far in caste reservation agitations the Jat agitation in Rajastan and Haryana were of worst of its kind. In Rajasthan Jats agitation blocked the entire train movement of Western Railway prime Mumbai Central and New Delhi rail section for more than a month. They pitched tents on rail tracks and started community kitchen on platforms. At that time the U.P.A. Government and Rajasthan State Government remained callously silent spectators. Ultimately the Supreme Court in a very angry tone asked whether there is any government in the country or not and sternly asked the government to act. The Jats realizing that now something a bound to happen they vacated the rail track and agitation subsided in itself. But when Jat agitation reached Haryana the agitator looted and set on fire most of the shops in big city of Rohtak. Entire nation wanted to know how the city of Rahtak is linked and related to the demand of Jat agitation and their demands.There are some professional gangs who mix up and join all such agitation. They indulge violence solely with the intention of looting the shops. In Maharashtra the situation is just anarchy and public is left themselves to face the music. Dr. Ambledkar sought the reservation only for two community who were treated as untouchable for the work of night soil disposal and peeling the dead animals and for tribals living away in deep jungles away from the society. But Prime Minister V.P. Singh to counter BJP. Mandir agitation put forward “Mandal” factor for reservation to most of the backward communities. It proved to be open the Pandora Box of caste consciousness and consolidation among all the caste. Now without any consideration forward or backward community of caste all are demanding reservation. Hindu Code Bill and Common Code the efforts were made to consolidate the society upto one with Common Civil Code to form ‘single united Indian (Bhartiya) Community and nation. But the reservation has done great damage to the directive principles of the Constitution.