Masood Global Terrorist


India’s persistant efforts for the last 10 years has succeeded in getting Pakistani Terrorist Masood Azhar declared global terrorist. Obviously China in its relationship with Pakistan always used veto power in the Security Council to thwart the resolution at the procedural level out of 5 veto power nation, America, Britain, France, Russia and China the other four nations stood with India in their move and cornered China even it procedure wrangle. In desperation China said that 4 veto power nation in the UN were cornering China to isolate it in the world community. Pakistan also realized that it was due to supporting Pakistan on Masood the China was facing very difficult position. The Pakistan itself urged the China not to use Veto power for saving Masood and favour Pakistan. The China also openly said that 4 veto nations were harming it on resolution in Masood. The China tried to come out this rut anyhow to save itself. The China invited the Indian Foreign Secretary Mr.Gokhle for talks on Masood. China posed in it that now China understood the case of India property and would not use veto to frustrate the move. On May 1 the United Nations Security Council declared Massood Azhar a global terrorist. It is diplomatic achievement of India in far greater sense that on this resolution but for China and Pakistan all the nations stood with India on its relentless fight. Now Masood Azhar and his Jaishe-Mohammad will face travel ban and assets freeze all over the world including Pakistan. In February 1994 he was arrested in India was in jail for five years. But in 1999 in the Indian plane hijack and took to Kandhar he was had released in swap as ransom on securing safe release of plane passengers. On his return Masood Azhar formed Jaishe-Mohammad and launched many serous terrorist attacks inside India including attack on Jammu Kashmir Assembly and Parliament. In terrorist attack Masood is considered as proxy of Pakistan military. It become quite evident to the world that unless Pakistan use the terror attack on India it would not hold any sort of talk with Pakistan. After air strike in Balakot the world leaders became worried over prospects of full scale war between the nuclear power nations. Pakistan Prime Minister Mr.Imran has said that his country was already for talks with India but India has declared firmly and resolutely that it would not enter any talks unless there is end of terrorism from Pakistan side. The India would carry on the Operation All Out in Kashmir. Presently there is dead lock in Indo-Pakistan relations.