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Maundy Thursday was celebrated in the Bhopal Archdiocese


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Christians all over Bhopal diocese celebrated the great mystery of Jesus’ love for all humanity as He established the Eucharist, service and Priesthood through the Last Supper with his disciples before his death. At the Last Supper with his disciples Jesus took the bread in his hand and having given thanks he broke the bread and interpreted it as his own body. Similarly, He interpreted the cup of wine as his blood and asked his disciples to do it in his memory. From this moment the Church took the Last Supper as a Holy Mass/ Eucharist to be celebrated every day for the people and for the whole world. Jesus also rose from the Supper tied a towel around himself poured water into a basin and then washed the feet of his disciples and asked them to do the same by establishing selfless love and service to the humanity. Archbishop Leo Cornelio washing the feet of twelve poor persons of the church in Jehangirabad said in his homily that - this noble gesture of Jesus Christ recognizes Christians willingness to reach out to people in need within family, neighborhood or larger society. The society may hate us for our selfless service to the humanity but, we continue to die for others as our Master Jesus taught us to so. Christianity exists because of service to the humanity. Fr. Maria Stephen, the PRO congratulated all the priests, religious, brothers and laity for their wonderful dedicated and committed service to the humanity through the ministry of education, healing, justice and peace. Archdiocese of Bhopal has 7 Pastoral animation centres, 20 Formation Houses, 5 special schools, 13 Hostels, 5 Social Service Centres, 5 Dispensaries, 5 Communication Centres, 3 Hospices, 5 Professional Institutions, 49 Schools and 2 Colleges only to serve the humanity he claimed. Whatever the nature of the ministry it is meant to make people realize that they are not alone. But that they are a part of the community of love. No one must feel they have been excluded for any reason. All belong to the circle of God’s love, he added. Good Friday will be observed with fasting and penance while Easter Sunday will be celebrated as the victory over evil by blessing of the new fire, water through the renewal of baptismal promises. The institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper is remembered in all the Churches of the diocese on Thursday 29th March’18. Feet were washed as a sign of the call to humble service and charity. A special collection for the poor was taken up. The Holy Thursday liturgy did not end with “Go in peace,” because the Triduum does not end there. It resumes the next day, in silence, as the three-day celebration (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter) continued with night and day adoration and praying for the people and nation. This year Christians of different denominations will be coming together to celebrate “Easter Mahotsav” on 1 April 2018 at Bittan Market ground Bhopal, from 7 pm onwards.

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