MCG pitch gets "average rating" from ICC


Melbourne, The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday rated the MCG pitch where the third Test between India vs Australia was played as "average", brightening the prospect of play in the ground. The ICC confirmed its rating on Tuesday, easing the fears of ground officials given that the pitch it was earlier rated "poor" on three points after last year's drawn Ashes snooze-fest. 'The Melbourne Cricket Club's bid to hold on to the Boxing Day Test has been boosted after the MCG was given an average rating by the International Cricket Council following India's 137-run win,' The Sydney Morning Herald said in a report. The MCG had been under pressure after India batted for almost two days in their first innings on what appeared to be another lifeless deck. But the contest turned for the better on day three when foot marks began to appear and wickets began to fall. 'Despite this rating, the MCG pitches will undergo a major revamp under curator Matt Page. He had worked diligently to improve the sand base and add moisture after the Ashes debacle but the venue is about to invest in up to four new pitches and greater technology.' said the newspaper. Reports further said that the current wickets are about 15 years old but will continue to be used next season. It will take about three years for the new pitches to be grown. The MCG rating comes after the new Perth stadium was also given an average rating, which surprised many, including Australian coach Justin Langer who thought it deserved a higher ranking.

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