Medical Strike Called Off


The nation-wide medical strike of allopathic doctors was called off after the Central Government decided to refer the National Medical Commission Bill 2017 to the Standing Committee of the Parliament. The Bill has provision to amalgamate different systems of treatment like Ayush (Ayurveda) Homeopathy, Unani, Naturopathy, Yoga into allopathic system and allow them to practice modern allopathic system after a short term “Bridge” course. It will be such a admixture of different medicines that it will be difficult to understand and decipher the good or bad impact on different medicines on a patient. It will not be composite but destructive treatment of patient. Every system of treatment have its own ways and methods. It should be left to the choice of patients to chose the system has like and faith. It will promote quackery and unethical practices. The Bill was moved in the Lok Sabha on Friday last in December 29 and listed in the business of Rajya Sabha to be presented on January 2. The members of opposition in both the Houses of Parliament during the zero hour assailed the Bill. Some demanded that it be scrapped or referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee. Ultimately the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mr.Anand Kumar on behalf of Government agreed to its reference to Standing Committee. The Lok Sabha Speaker asked the Committee to report before the Budget session of Parliament. The Bill also seek to replace Medical Council of India with a new body and a Committee under the cabinet secretary will nominate its Chairman and Members. The medical fraternity is opposing the provisions apprehending that such a nominated body will be effectively run by the Government. It will not be body medical orientation. Presently the Medical Council of India (MCI) is professional body. The Indian Medical Association said the Bill would cripple the functioning of medical professionals by making them completely answerable to the bureaucracy and non medical administrators. The amalgamation of different system of medicines with the allopathy is the negation of basic concept of every system in itself. The Section 15 of the Indian Medical Act says the basic qualification of practice modern medicines is MBBS. It will be far better if the Government provides all help to each system of medicine to develop fully and try to inspire confidence of the people in its effectiveness. A patient wants remedy be it from any system. There is one strange fact about all the system of treatment except allopathy. Even before the emergence of allopathic system in all the eras there were wars with bow and arrow, spears and swords. There must have some sort of surgery in the Ayurveda and Unani system. But the present day all such system except allopathy do not have surgery in it. Some sort of it must have existed in earlier times but that has banished. The Government must help the Ayurveda and Unani practitioners to do research to search out its vanished surgery, without surgery no system of treatment is complete.