Megha Parmar leave to conquer Australia's highest peak- Mount Kosciuszko


Under the banner of Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Mountaineer Megha Parmar leave to conquer Australia's highest peak- Mount Kosciuszko.

Madhya Pradesh mountaineer MeghaParmarmoved to conquerAustralia's Continent highest peak "Mount Kosiasco (2228mtrs)". Representing the adventure tourism of Madhya Pradesh, Meghaparmar along with Shobhit Sharma will climb this 2228 meter high peak.

On this occasion, providing his best wishes to MeghaManaging Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board Mr. Faiz Ahmed Kidwai said “The daughters of Madhya Pradesh will give a message about the adventure tourism potential of the state and the country at the world level for the adventure today. Due to which the tourism of the state will get expanded”.

MeghaParmar has successfully conquered Asia's highest peak “Mount Everest”, Europe's highest peak “Mount Elbrus” and Africa's highest peak “Mount Kilimanjaro”.

MeghaParmar will be the first female mountaineer from Madhya Pradesh to climb Mount Kosciuszko. Along with Megha, ShobhitNath Sharma also mount“Mount Kosciuszko. To encourage Ms. Megha's bold endeavor, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is being supported by the appreciation so thatthe morale of the daughters of the state can be boosted and they can be encouraged to participate in adventure tourism activities. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board believes that the promotion of this adventurous activity will also encourage the adventure activities of Madhya Pradesh, the youth of Madhya Pradesh will be able to become aware of adventure activities and the women of the state will also be inspired to become empowered for adventure activities.