Mighty Storms


Mighty high speed dust storms hit across the North-India covering 12 states with core hit in the Uttar Pradesh. It were blowing upto the speed 120 to 130 kilometer per hour. The mango crop in Uttar Pradesh suffered very heavy losses in dropping of fruits, which where about to be picked out. According to the weather office the western disturbances are the main cause and it was combined with three rare weather systems. The western disturbances was created over Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana generating thunder clouds and reached upto Uttar Pradesh and in the Bihar. Here it was combined with moisture coming over from the Bay of Bengal and created high temperature. It created strong force and hitting power in the high speed winds. The western disturbances always occurred at the height of 1500 meter above the ground and when combines with moisture from upcoming water in steam form from the ground water resources the clouds are formed and summer rains occur. The North India is reeling under the heat above 40 degree Celsius and due to high evaporation of water from ground water bodies constantly provides moisture. This caused high speed storm hits in many states causing wide spread damage to life,properties and standing crops in agriculture and horticulture. Summer rains are known as pre-monsoon and local rains. Its timing is very odd for agricultures. Its time coincides with crops ready for harvesting. It is much more alarming with Weather Office issued warning that high speed winds - storms are likely to occur in next two days also. Its impact were also severe in other states. It caused flush floods in Hyderabad. In Madhya Pradesh it caused severe damage in Satna, Bhind, Panna, and Singrauli district killing 6 people in the state. In Rewa division many electric polls and tree were uprooted and thousands of gunny bags filled with wheat and other grains were spoiled. The danger of more sand storms are looming large on Narsinghpur, Dindori, Harda, Hoshangabad, Panna, Sidhi, Satna, Guna, Sagar, Betul and Tikamgarh. Ultimately the human being are responsible for such a natural perils. The storms originate in high temperature conditions in open spaces on the land, deserts, and sea surfaces, but while blowing it are shattered in its impact in the forests in dashing against the trees. Now forests are not there, the lands are denuded with forest cover and there is no obstruction in the path of such storms. Actually we have caused harm to ourselves by eliminating forest cover. The catchment area of river Narmada are forest along its path and it are no longer there. The mighty river Narmada is also dry in patches. It has no much water that was its natural flow uptill now. With no such forests there the high speed winds will always have free passage to hit the habitation.