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Missile to Air Force


After inducting super-sonic cruise missile in the Army and Navy India has inducted it in the Indian Air Force also. The super-sonic cruise Brahmos successfully test fired from Sukhoi jet fighter plane in Pokhram test range in Rajasthan. The missile hit the target with pin-point accuracy. From March 22 the Indian Air Force is armed with missile system. Soon there will be missile wing of Air Force when many fighter planes will be equipped with Brahmos super-sonic missile. India and Russia developed the super-sonic missile in a joint venture. Now India is the 4th nation in the world to have such a powerful missile. The missile has a speed of 3700 kilometer per hour and 15 times faster than the speed of sound. Its range can be further increased by 400 kilometers. It is fired at a low height and cannot be traced or located in radars. The China do not have missile of this assault power from the land, sea and air. But has missiles that are fast than the speed of the sound. The China has supplied advanced missile tracking system to Pakistan. The China is building up Pakistan against India and North Korea against America. It has provided Nuclear armaments to North Korea. The China is biggest supplier of arms to Pakistan with warships, submarines and fighter planes and sensitive equipments. China knows that India has missile system that can hit Beijing and Shanghai. The President of China Mr.Jin Ping has got the constitution amended the 2 term fixing clause to get elected for the third time. In his address in Chinese Parliament he set aggressive line in foreign affairs. Mr.Jin Ping wants to expand Chinese border in the Pacific but unable to do it with stiff opposition from India, Japan, Australia and America. Mr.Jin Ping in his address raised the question on Taiwan again. The India is supplying missile system to the Vietnam and exploring off-sea oil deposits within its maritime boundary in the sea. The China has expansionist designs and to become super power and control the sea trade routes in the Pacific Ocean. But India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and America and other nations are dead set against it. India in the forefront to prevent China’s expansion design.

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