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Modi asks people to throw out 'seeda ruppaiah' govt in Karnataka


Davanagere, Karnataka, Continuing his barrage on the corruption charges of the ruling Congress government in Karnataka headed by Siddaramaiah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday sought the farmers of the State to ensure BJP's victory in the forthcoming Assembly election to enable it to march forward for a bright future. Participating in a massive farmers rally organised bv the BJP to celebrate the 75th birthday of BJP State President and former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, Mr Modi dubbed the Siddaramaiah Government as a 'seeda ruppaiah' government alleging that without money no work is done in the government. 'People are so frustrated with the government that they had vented their hatred against it to me during my earlier visits' Mr Modi, said adding that successive Congress governments have been shown the door elsewhere in the country and time has now come for Karnataka people to throw the party out. 'This highly corrupt government should not be allowed to continue even for a minute' he added. Mr Modi accused the Siddaramaiah government of not spending the amount the State had been allotted for implementing various central schemes and reeled out statistics about the unspent funds in departments such as Health, Agriculture, Swachh Bharat, Education and Smart City Mission. He said 'the Congress government threw the funds here and there in some schemes to hoodwink the people'.

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