Modi blasts Kumaraswamy for insulting the Indian soldier


Sidhi, MP, Rising to the defence of the world’s most dedicated fighting machine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday rained fire on Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s “objectionable” statement regarding the Army by emphasising that the Indian soldier does not enlist for earning a livelihood but for protecting the nation even to the peril of his life. “It constituted a veritable insult to our jawans’ courageous mothers when Congress-supported Kumaraswamy alleged that people who do not have money to purchase their daily bread join the Army. That Chief Minister failed to apologise for his words; neither the Congress nor did the ‘naamdar’ express regret,” the Premier said while addressing an election rally here. With a combination of respect and pride, he mentioned a daughter who has done the country proud – India’s first female fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Avani Chaturvedi who hails from neighbouring Rewa District. “Congress tenure witnessed terrorists operating freely but now even insurrectionists know full well that Modi shall not spare them,” he said. Heaping sarcasm on rivals, the visiting dignitary quipped that a line – akin to that for obtaining ration cards – exists for adorning the Premier’s post and such dreamers are even having garments stitched but can any of them scotch militancy?