Modi-Jinping Summit


Perhaps for the first time in the world a very unique type of informal Summit meetings are being held between Prime Minister of India and China President Mr Jinping at the Chinese city of Wuhan. It is a prolong personal summit meet of 2 days in which the two leaders will meet for 6 times without any aids advisors. There will be only translator and none else. There will be no noting for minute keeping, no joint statement and no agreement to be signed. They will talk person to person and everything will remain up to them. There will not be any type of announcement on declaration. Due to all this unique feature of the summit meeting it has gained great significance. Beside border dispute and territorial claims recently the Dokhlom 72 days military stand off embittered the relations further. Like all other nations India has also not accepted the Chinese maritime claim is South China sea of the Pacific Ocean. India and Vietnam are having a close relations in the field of development and defence. India is O.N.G.C. (Oil and Natural Gas Commission) is digging off shore oil wells for Vietnam with its maritime boundary in the Pacific Ocean. China objected to it but India sternly rejected its objection and oil digging work is going on usual. India is also to supply missile system to Vietanm for defence needs. China is constantly pampering Pakistan against India. It has constructed a China-Pak economic corridor through Pak occupied Kashmir area. India has lodged protest against but China carried on the corridor. There are many sore points between India and China but high volume trade relations also. India is biggest exporter of cotton to China. China is exporting basic pharmaceutical drugs to India. Despite long border dispute in the last 40 years not a single gun shot was fired between the two armies standing there face to face and occasion strains on border line. China has ambition to emerge as a world's big military power like America and Russia. The hostile conditions between the two nations compelling India to come out also as super military power. The democratic countries like Japan, Phileppines, Malaysia, South Korea and Western Nations are with India in containing China. Under these circumstances the Modi-Jinping personal summit has added significance of far reaching results.Mr Modi reached Wuhan in the night of April 26 and summit will go on April 27-28. On the April 27 another summit between the very hostile divided nation of Korea the North Korea's Ruler Mr Kim Jong and South Korean President Mr Moon held at the D.M.Z (Demilitarised Zone) and symbolically both the leaders walked in few steps on each other country. There were slogan of uniting North and South Korea into one Korea and one Nation. It is a very great move in the other unification of country like Vietnam and Germany.

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