Modi to dedicate Mohanpura irrigation scheme of Rajgarh district


CM Chouhan distributes bonus amount of Rs 23.21 lakh to Tendu Patta workers Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the Mohanpura irrigation scheme of Rajgarh district on June 23. Chouhan gave this information at the Antyodaya Sammelan held in Rajgarh district headquarters today. About 8 lakh acre area will be irrigated in Rajgarh district through the Mohanpura and Kundalia irrigation projects. The Chief Minister said that this scheme will put an end to the drinking water problem of the areas adjacent to the dam. Sambal Yojana Sammelan in Janpads on June 13 Chouhan said that Mukhya Mantri Jan Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana programme will be organized in all Janpad headquarters of the state on June 13. Benefits of various schemes will be distributed to the labourers of the unorganized sector at the Sammelan. Giving detailed information of the scheme he said that any poor person can apply on plain paper to be included in the scheme. Benefits of the scheme will be given to farmers with land up to 2.5 acre. He said that beneficiaries eligible under the Sambal Yojana will be given pattas of residential land. In addition, Government will provide amount available to them to build houses. Chouhan said that there are nearly 37.5 lakh poor families in the state who do not have proper houses to live in. Such families will be provided funds for house construction in a systematic manner. Rs 3 crore loan to self-help groups CM Chouhan transferred Rs 23 lakh 21 thousand bonus amount to the accounts of 4436 tendu patta collectors of Rajgarh district at the sammelan online. He made the tendu patta collectors wear charan padukas and offered water bottles to them. Chouhan distributed bank loan of Rs 3 crore to 175 self-help groups to start enterprises. The Chief Minister performed bhoomi-pujan and dedicated 12 construction works worth Rs 171.09 crore in Rajgarh district on the occasion. MP Rodmal Nagar, MLA Sarvashri Amarsingh Yadav, Hazarilal Dangi and Kunwar Kothar, other public representatives, elite citizens and a huge number of labourers of the unorganized sector, tendu patta collectors and villagers were present on the occasion.