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Modi Visits Indonesia


India and Indonesia have joined hands to counter the Chinese move to expand its maritime boundary in the Pacific ocean. In his state first visit to Indonesia the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi held prolonged five time deliberations with the Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The China is setting up sea ports around India one at Gwader in Pakistan and another at Hambantota in Sri Lanka. The India to counter Chinese move set up a seaport very near the Gwadar at Chabahar in Iran to have easy direct sea access with Afghanistan. Now during this visit to Indonesia the India will develop a naval sea port in Sabang, a strategic location on the tip of Sumatra island and the entrance of vital Malacca Straits. Both the leaders also agreed to step up defence and maritime cooperation and align their national maritime pacific policies. The China has encroached in Indonesia exclusive economic zone with its ‘nine dash line’ to the extend that Indonesia has now renamed it as Natana Sea. India and Indonesia singed 15 agreements. Both will expand their trade volume upto 3.4 lakh crore – the three fold increase in it. Indonesia has 80 per cent trade with India. Indonesia with Muslim majority has cultural Hindu links in Ramayan and Mahabharat. In ancient history the Indonesia was a Hindu country and its Bali island still Hindu majority region. Indonesia is very close to India. It just 90 nautical mile away from India and nearby Nicobar islands of India and Aceh tip of Indonesia. With these agreements India becomes Indonesia’s second strategic partner. The nine MOU signed on defence. Spece, Railways and Pharma Branch. Now there will be connectivity between Andaman and Aceh. Indonesia is a major nation in the Asian Agreement and very close to India. Both countries denounced cross border terrorism. India is already having close links with Japan to counter Chinese expansion in Pacific ocean. Mr.Modi also addressed one lakh Indian despora residing in Indoneisa. It has become a permanent feature of Mr.Modi’s visit to meet Indian settled in that country and address them. It has salutory effect of Mr.Modi popularity. In his four years in office Mr.Modi has visit 81 countries. After completing his visited to Indonesia he has gone to Malaysia and Singapore. ‘Look East’ is the theme of his foreign policy. In his five day tour of South Eastern countries he made deep impact in India’s initiative in its commitments to keep the Pacific ocean free for world trade.

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