Monsoon Delayed


Monsoon that arrives in the Madhya Pradesh around June 10 has been delayed approximately by 10 days due to certain unfavourable conditions in the Arabian Sea. The western part of the state get rain by South Western branch of Monsoon and Southern districts of the State get rains from the south-eastern branch of monsoon. The Weather Office has said the South West monsoon has covered Kerala, Karnataka,Konkan, part of Maharashtra, Vidarbha and Chhattisgarh. But after this there seems to no further advance. Earlier it was expected Monsoon on till hit MP on June 11. If monsoon comes even after 10 days delay, it will not harm much but it is stretched further the sowing in agriculture will be delayed. The process of weather system advancing towards Madhya Pradesh is weak and does not seems to have enough energy to push further to the Central part of the state.