MP Hockey Academy defeats Hockey Jharkhand in boys’ category


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The match between Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy and Gangpur Orissa tied with the score 3-3 in girls’ category. Chandigarh, Orissa, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Coorg, SAI and Maharashtra teams won in girls’ category. The results of the A- Division girls’ category league matches played under the 8th Junior National Hockey Championship played today are as follows: Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy tied with Hockey Gangpur Orissa 3-3; Hockey Chandigarh beat Mumbai Hockey Association Limited 6-0; Hockey Orissa beat Hockey Haryana 2-1; Hockey Karnataka beat Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu 4-0;Hockey Jharkhand beat Uttar Pradesh 4-0; Hockey Coorg beat Hockey Bhopal 4-0; SAI beat Hockey Punjab 5-2; Hockey Maharashtra beat Hockey Uttarakhand 6-3. Under the boys’ category, Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy defeated Hockey Jharkhand in a thrilling competition by 3-2. In this match, Jharkhand’s Joseph Cogri scored the first goal in the 21st minute which was answered by academy’s Aniket Varun, who scored the next goal in the 35th minute to make the score level by 1-1. Countering the attack, the player of Jharkhand, Suresh Mehto scored a field goal in the 53rd minute. Academy’s Aniket Varun scored his and team’s second goal in the 64th minute to make the score level again, i.e. 2-2. In the final moments, Amarjit Singh scored the winning goal in 70th minute to earn the victory for the academy. The results of the other boys’ category matches are as follows: Hockey Orissa beat Hockey Maharashtra 6-2; Manipur Hockey beat Mumbai Hockey Association Limited 6-3; Hockey Chandigarh beat Hockey Bhopal 7-2; Sports Authority of India beat Hockey Gangpur Orissa 5-2; Steel Plant Sports Board tied with Hockey Haryana 3-3;Hockey Punjab tied with Uttar Pradesh Hockey 3-3 and Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu tied with Hockey Himachal 3-3.