MP’s Tableau based on World Heritage Sanchi Stupas to take part in R-Day Parade


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Tableau of Madhya Pradesh for Republic Day Parade is based on World Heritage ‘Sanchi Stupas’ this year. The tableau has received a lot of appreciation from the media persons during a Press Preview of the Tableau of Republic Day Parade 2018, organised at RR Camp of New Delhi today. It is based on theme World Heritage-Sanchi. The front part of the Tableau depicts four meditating Buddhist monks surrounding an idol of Buddha. The rear part shows the Great Stupa being photographed by the tourists. Flanking the tableau on each side are six monks reciting ‘Buddham Sharnam Gachhami’. The important aspects of Buddha’s life through Jataka tales have been displayed on all the sides of the Tableau. Stupas were constructed by the Emperor Ashoka in 3rd Century BC. His son Mahendra departed to Sri Lanka for propagation of Buddhism from Sanchi itself. Names of devotees, who came for the construction of Stupas from far flung areas and donors are inscribed on the pillars. The hemispherical stupa in a larger sense is a cosmic symbol. The Great Stupa is encircled by four exquisitely carved gateways or Torans, built during Satavahana period, which depict scenes of Buddha’s life. The Great Stupa also has other architectural marvels in its vicinity like Ashoka Pillar, Chatiyagiri Vihara, Archaeological Museum, Buddhist monasteries, temples and viharas. Chetiyagiri is very important place, where relics of chief disciples of Bhagwan Budhdha, Sariputra and Mahamoglayan Dhatu are housed. Madhya Pradesh Government organizes an International Sanchi Festival every year at Sanchi, which draws millions of Buddhist monks and devotees from different parts of the country as well as abroad. The tour of Sanchi takes a person to such a spiritual world, where everlasting peace prevails.