Murder by Truck


The TV Journalist of Bhind Mr.Sandeep Sharma was murdered by using the truck as weapon of Crime. Mr.Sharma carried out sting operation and exposed the nexus between and illegal sand mafia and police. There were days when Bhind-Morena had gang of dacoits operating in its Chambal ravines. But now sand dacoits have replaced the traditional type of dacoits. When there are charges of police involvement the Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan has taken a right decision to inspire confidence and fair probe to hand over the case to the CBI. Under the administrative procedure inquiring is must, but what the videos have shown on television it has clearly established that crusader Journalist Mr.Sandeep Sharma was murdered by truck. The driver is arrested and truck is seized. But the killer driver is either an employee or hired by the sand mafia to kill Mr.Sharma by running truck on him. The real murderers are sand mafia and police whom he exposed.