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“My Inspiration Campaign” book presented to VP


[caption id="attachment_97954" align="alignnone" width="300"] Hyderabad,[/caption] Mr Anil Malpani, Founder of Uniact Foundation has presented 'My Inspiration Campaign' book to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu who is in the city. Mr Anil Malpani, who met Mr Naidu along with his family members, shared the work done by the foundation for the betterment of Youth. 'My Inspiration Campaign' is an social online campaign 'To inspire the world, with your inspiration'. The initiative was started on teachers day on September 5, 2015 with a target of just collecting 100 stories. By the year end more than 400 people joined the movement to express their feelings & share their inspiration to others via various social networking platforms. This initiative would empower people to be grateful to their teachers. Till date, the foundation have collected about 2000+ inspiring stories. On Monday, the entire copy of these stories were handed over to the Vice-President with a vision to collect one lakh stories in years to come.

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