Naidu exhorts use of Indian languages in administrative work


New Delhi, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday exhorted the use of mother language in administrative

work, saying Indian languages can bring the administration closer to people and make governance more people-centric.

"The language of the people should be the language of administration. Freedom fighter Kakasaheb Kakelkar has said, "If the rule of

the people is to run in India, it has to be run in the language of the people," he said while inaugurating an event to celebrate Mother

Language Day, organised by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Culture here.

He went on to suggest making knowledge of Indian languages mandatory for employment in the states.

The Vice President hoped that more and more people would start using their mother tongue at home, in the

community, in meetings and in administration. "We must accord a sense of dignity and pride to those who speak, write and communicate in these languages,"

he stressed and warned that if the people didn't use a language, they would lose it.

He cited studies by experts suggesting that teaching in the mother tongue in the initial stages of education gave impetus to the growth

of mind and thought and made children more creative and logical.

Noting that globally 40 per cent of the population did not have access to education in a language they spoke or understood, Mr

Naidu said he always emphasised the importance of protecting and conserving India's unique and rich linguistic heritage.

"Language shapes the cultural life of a nation and lays the foundation for its progress. Language is the vital, unseen thread that links

the past with the present," he added.

At the same time, he warned that the celebration of Matribhashas should not end with the conclusion of Matribhasha Diwas and suggested

that in fact everyday should be celebrated as Matribhasha Diwas.

Earlier, the Vice President was welcomed by students wearing traditional attire in 22 Indian languages on the occasion of Mother Language