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Name Change of Allahabad


The Allahabad name is likely to be changed into its original name of Prayag Raj’. It is a great hindu pilgrimage on confluence of three pious river Ganga-Yamuna and Saraswatis and most revered place for immersion of ashes after deaths. Devbhumi Uttarkhand there are five Prayags-Son Prayag, Nand Prayag, Karna Prayag, Rudra Prayag and Dev Prayag. It is at Dev Prayag where Alaknanda merges into Bhagirathi and from here the joint flow become Ganga. The Gomukh is origin of Bhagirathi and that is why the Ganga is also known as Bhagirathi. Otherwise the Ganga is a formation at Dev Prayag. The ancient city of Prayag Raj is above all the five Prayag with super status with the world ‘Raj’ as suffix to it. During the Mugal period the Prayag Raj was under the Mugal Rule and its Governor was Mohammad Shah Bangash under the Rule of Akbar. At this time the name of Prayag Raj was changed into Allahabad (Allah Awad) in English will the world ‘A’ and in Hindi it with world ‘I’ Ilahabad (Ilahi Awad). It is right decision of the Modi Government to restore the original name of ‘Prayag Raj’ to the pilgrim city. Similarly the name of Mugal Sarai being changed into Deen Dayal Upadhya Nagar. It is a railway junction and it was here Mr Upadhya died in a train mishap by falling from the coach. The new name is being given in memory of Pandit Upadhya. During the initial period it was camp of Mugal military and named as Mugal Sarai. Much earlier the name of Banaras was changed into its original name Varanasi. In world over the process of changing the names is going on. Not only cities but name of the countries are changed. In India Madras is now Channai. For a very long time the name ‘Madras’ was so overpowering that in the northern India all the South Indian were known as ‘Madrasi’, Now the Madras and its impact on all South Indians have vanished. Now they are known by their linguistic and state identities. In the name change now Bombay is Mumbai. Calcutta is Kolkata. Thrivendrum is Tiruvanantapuram, Poona is Pune, Baroda is Vadodara, Bangalore is Bangaluru in Goa the Punjim is Pandji. In China the capital Peking is now Beijing, in Russia due to political changes the Stalingrad reverted to its ancient name of Volgagrad, the Leningrad became Saint Peturburg again. Among the counreiwa the Burma is now Myanmar, Siam is Thailand, Ceylone is Sri Lanka, Formosa is Taiwan to Holland is Netherland. In Africa many nations, on becoming free nation changed its name into traditional names. In Madhya Pradesh the City Bhailsa become Vidisha. The name of Queen of Emperer Ashok was Vidisha and she was from this place. In India for a long time the name of the district were as on the name of city which were district headquarters. Now in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Uttar Pradesh the name of many districts changed in the name of leaders. In U.P. the name the Faizabad district be changed as Ayodhya. It should not be viewed as Hindi angle but prominence of the place. The name Faizabad was given during Muslim period.

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