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Narmada Linking


To save Kumbha River Kshipra from going dry the Chief Minister linked it with River Narmada to keep it ever flowing. The project was executed in a different way by lifting the Narmada. Water upto certain high point and proves it into the River Kshipra. The lifting and pouring into process required power pumping and heavy expenditure an electricity charges. It is very costly affaires and not working properly. In the process cement concrete filled up the origin of the Khsipra. It should have not been done. These origin point to every river are considered as sacred place. All the mighty rivers have thin origin and it are preserved with sentimental and religious sanctity. These days the Narmada is being linked with the Gombhar river. In near future the Narmada will be linked with river Mahi and river Chambal. It is also a big steps that State has decided to revive also the lost rivers of the state. It is reported that 13 feeder rivers of river Kshipra have banished in earlier times.

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