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Narmada Water


Due to scanty rains in the last monsoon season the rivers are drying not as a whole but in patches in its length. Narmada is still flowing river but dry also in patches. Baruch the Industrial City of Gujarat on the bank of Narmada the river here has dried up. It is drinking water supply source also. The Gujarat has urged Madhya Pradesh to release more water from the dams on river Narmada to Gujarat. The Madhya Pradesh is also facing the same problem of River Narmada drying up in patches in the state also. All the dams located on Narmada in Madhya Pradesh are for below the level point and Madhya Pradesh also is not in a position to release water from the reservoirs. Gujarat demanding till 30th June 1500 cusec water. The Madhya Pradesh has taken a stand that during the inauguration of Sardar Sarovar Dam by the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi the Madhya Pradesh released more than enough water from its dams to make the highest dam look full at that ceremony. During such critical period it is very difficult for all to spare water.

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