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National Testing


The five central examinations the UGC Net, JEE (Main), NEET (UAG), C.MAT and G.PAT so far conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education has now are assigned to another organization the National Testing Agency. The reforms made are very sweeping and most suited to the examinees. The NEET and JEE Mains examination will be held twice in a year. An examinee can appear in both the tests. If one is not through in the first test he need not wait for another year but in 6 months he or she can appear in the second tests. Till now the setting of question paper was based on the CBSE course. It was quite easy for those who studied in Central Schools but for those who are from State Boards it was extra burden to study the CBSE course themselves for those the examination. Now NTA will set question papers based on the courses of other States Boards also. The months are fixed for all the examination only the dates will be decided in that very month each year. Large numbers examinees appears in NEET and JEE (Main) examination they are around 10 to 15 lakhs while in C.MAT and G.PAT they around one lakh. These changes over will help more the youth to seek employment and to go for further education. In the last Lok Sabha election of 2014 Mr.Narendra Modi made promise besides on Black Money, on providing two lakh more job opportunities each year. But after the election and coming into power they said that Government creating facilities for skill development and loan facilities under the Prime Minister Mudra Yojna. The youth should learn the skill take loan and become self employers. While lakhs of job in the Central and State Governments are lying vacant. For decades the practice are going on the Government not to fill up the posts lying vacant after retirement or for any other reason like death or resignation. The Railways that are considered as the biggest employer of the country these days facing the acute shortage of staff even for essential job like track maintenance. This has created ever increasing huge back log of unemployed youth whenever there are vacancies for few handed posts, lakhs of candidates apply. The sorting and tabulation of these huge pile of applications take more than a year and candidates have no option but to wait hoping against the hope. Even the MA, PhD, BE apply for the posts of peon and constables. The skill development and self employment are alright at its own place but the Central and all State Governments must fill up all the lakhs of vacancies lying vacant for decades. Even the sanctioned posts are lying vacant. All such jobs throughout India are more than a crore.

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