Naval Base


India-Seychelles Naval Base agreement has been revived on the visit of President Denny Faure to India. The accord was originally signed in 2015 but later Seychelles Government backed out. It was presumed that China after setting as a sea port at Djibouti in Northern Africa wanted it also and in a competition manipulated it.But now it is again revived with India not only in setting up Naval Base at its Island of Assumption but India is also providing it another Donier aircraft to put it into action again sea pirates and drug smugglers. India is also providing 680 crores of rupee aid to the Seychelles to improve its defence system. Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has already visited Seychelles sometime back and established close link with it.This Naval Base is India’s answer to China’s Djibouti seaport in Africa. The China has set up a new seaport in Pakistan at Gwadar in the Arabian Sea as terminal point of the economic corridor as well as its opening in the west into the sea. India on drastic move in just nearby in the territory of Iran established in sea port at Chabahar and it gave an opening to the Afghanistan in the sea as it is a land locked country but now have a opening also. The China has secured a sea site in Sri Lanka at Habangtota on 99 years lease and developing it as commercial sea port Indian in a tactical move signed a contract to set up a Naval Base at Indonesia at the northern tip Ache near Nicobar island. The developing countries of Asia and Africa are looking towards India and China for their development aid and expertise. In Afghanistan the India is carrying out large numbers mega project of the development. A country land linked with China the Vietnam is having very close relations with India. India is drilling oil wells like Bombay High in its sea shore. For its defence requirement the India is providing missile system. Mr.Modi said India and Seychelles are major strategic partners. We respect the core values of democracy and share geo-strategic vision to maintain peace, security and stability in the Indian Ocean.