Naxal Attack


IN the hectic atmosphere of Lok Sabha general elections and UN Security Council decision on Masood Azhar a big news of Naxal attack in Gadchirolli could not come into required focus. In Gadchirolli naxal affected area in Maharashtra a private company was carrying out road construction work. The naxal nowhere in an areas under their operation allow it. They are dead set against development work particularly road construction. They know it would facilitate the movement of police and administration there. On the night of May 1 around 1 am they set on fire 36 construction vehicles of the road making company causing loss of crores of rupees and stoppage of construction.The naxals allow a company or contractor to work only if they pay them hefty amounts. This road company is definitely must have not paid ransom or protection money to naxals. Armed police rushed to the site and their bus was mine blasted 15 jawans were killed.The ESSAR company of Ruia Group is carrying out iron ore mining in Bastar area, once a jeep was caught and it came to notice the ESSAR was paying Rs.16 lacs to naxals as protection money to carry out work on iron ore mines. But Government jailed the Manager of ESSAR mines on the charges of providing money to naxals, while it was not so but forced collection of naxal to carry in work. At one time Tata House was accused for helping Bodo militants of Assam. The case was Tata provided medical treatment to wife of Bodo militant leader at a costly Mumbai Hospital and paid the expenditure. Tatas are carrying out “Tata Tea” business to have tea garden in Assam. They cannot operate tea gardens there without paying to Bodo militant. It cannot and should not be consider as financial help or support to Naxals-Bodos. When terrorist hijacked a plane and took to Kandhar BJP Government of Prime Minister Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee paid huge ransom money and forced to release terrorist Masood Azhar to secure safe return of plane with passengers. Should it be considered as Vajpayee government funding and support to terrorist? The ESSAR-Tata and road contractors who have paid huge ransom money to Naxals-Bodos suffered losses by their act of arson should be considered in true and realistic point of view and Government should pay them compensation. They should be provided free police protection to carry on their business and development works. Under such atmosphere there can never any development works be carried out. It is totally futile to say that with development works Naxalism will die itself.

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