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Naxal Solution


The Naxal problem of India is almost similar to LTTE problem of Sri Lanka with some variations. The Naxal problem of India is persisting and spreading and establishing parallel Government with its own army and administration which is collecting crore of rupees from the areas under their occupation. In Sri Lanka LTTE was a militant outfit established Parallel Government in the North and East. It was full-fledged army with updated military weapons, ships and they even assemble a light plane and once dropped bombs over capital Colombo. They were getting shipload of arms from international arms smugglers from Singapore and one such ship was captured by the Indian Navy and Naxals themselves blasted it to sink down. The various Sri Lankan Government tolerated it for 25 years and held many rounds of talks and ceasefire. Once even Indian Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi as a friendly gesture worked out a formula of Lanka Tamil Problem by introducing India like State Government set up with elected Assembly Chief Minister with Council of Ministers. But Prabhakaran of LTTE was adamant on separate Tamil Eelam (nation) and demolished the Rajiv Gadhi-Jayawardane formula by armed attack of the civilian Government. The State Government collapsed and the Chief Minister fled away to take shelter in India at Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Later he got Mr.Rajiv Gandhi also assassinated by a lady of LTTE cadre. Ultimately the Lankan President Mr.Mahinda Rajpakshe took a firm decision to take Army action against LTTE and it was virtually a war and wiped out the entire LTTE including Prabhakaran in one time full and final Army action. Now there is no trace of LTTE and Tamil Population living peacefully. There is no demand of separate Tamil Eelam or any armed insurgency. In Punjab also the Khalistan military was put to an end in an army action. Earlier also the rebullion of AZ Phizo in Nagaland and Landenga in Mizoram were smashed in Army action. Even now other so many talks and negations on Kashmir issue, ultimately the Modi Government decided no more dialogues and ordered the Army to launch “All out” operation in the Valle to settle the issue in military action. All the Government are to be blamed to allow the Naxal to spread out from one state of West Bengal upto Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and now knocking at the State of Madhya Pradesh to establish a red corridor, where writ of civilian government do not operate. Even a big industrial house of Ruia was running its ESSAR iron ore mining company by paying Rs.16 lakh per year to Naxal to carry on their industry. When Government stopped it the Naxal blew away its many fleet of truck laden with iron ore and Government could not provide protection of ESSAR. They killed large number of CRPF-BSF and Army police personnel. They kidnapped Sukma Collector in day time from Government function. Earlier they kidnapped Collector of Adilabad in Andhra and of Malkhangiri of Odisha. In Chhattisgarh they attacked a Carevan of Congress leaders killed many of the leaders like VC Shukla and particularly Mahendra Karma, who is launched ‘Dalam’ action against Naxals. With such challenge the role of Government is dispisable in not being able to handle such a criminal outfit and appearing helpless. It has a very demoralizing effect on the nation as a whole. It is high time now that Government of India should adopt Lankan president Rajpakshe formula and order Army action against Naxals in entire red corridor.

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