Need to do research on the contribution of Banarasidas Chaturvedi


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Pt Banarasidas Chaturvedi set parameters in the journalism which are still relevant and inspiring for us. He did not compromise with the principles throughout his life. He established the importance of local journalism as he resigned from ‘Vishal Bharat’ newspaper published from Calcutta and started ‘Madhukar’ newspaper from a small place like Tikamgarh. Through this newspaper, he enriched local dialect Bundeli and local journalism. Commitment with principles in literature and journalism is not seen today as was during Chaturvedi’s era. Senior litterateur Gunsagar Satyarthi expressed these view in a symposium on ‘Contribution of Pt Banarasidas Chaturvedi in journalism and memoir literature’ organized on Wednesday at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication to mark Chaturvedi’s death anniversary. Satyarthi said Banarsidas became interested in the plight of indentured labourers of Indian origin in Fiji where he spent several years. He wrote extensively about the predicament of Indians in Fiji. With the intervention of Reverend C. F. Andrews, the system of indentured labour in Fiji was formally ended in 1920. Banarasidas Chaturvedi believed that there is much scope for strong work in limited area. That’s why he strongly favoured local journalism and said that local newspapers fulfill more social interests. Senior journalist Rajesh Badal gave credit for establishment of All India Federation of Working Journalists and enacting of Working Journalist Act to Pt Chaturvedi. He said that Pt Chaturvedi gave new direction to letter writing and wrote many letters containing concerns for the country, the society, language and journalism. Litterateur Guruvachan Singh underlined a need for carrying out research on Chaturvedi’s contribution. Grandson of Chaturvedi, Apoorva Chaturvedi said that he wrote a lot on struggle of NRIs and had concern for environment always. Lajpat Ahuja, university rector who chaired the programme, said that Pt Banarasidas Chaturvedi is one of the leading journalists of the generation who pursued journalism before and after the Independence. He was a witness when journalism passed through the change from the mission to ‘media’ (profession). He prepared code of conducts for journalists and listed the qualities in a journalist. Ahuja further said that the university will pursue research on the untouched areas of his letters and literature.