Neglect of Elders


It is a most despisable degradation of society that now in within family the elders are neglected, maltreated and suffer disrespect. The problem is so wide and severe that some decade back the Parliament framed a law to provide security to elders if they are neglected by their sons and other family members. The Executive Magistrates are empowered to give prompt hearing in such cases and provide and relief to harassed elders. The maximum number of such cases are reported from Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Amritsar, Mangalore. The Executive Magistrates in many cases directed the sons to pay maintenance to their elders or keep them with due respects and comforts. The HelpAge survey revealed that mobile phone are in very excessive use depriving the people from attending to their family members. Sons and daughter-in-law misbehaves such a cruel way as if they are fad up with the elders and want to get rid of them. Some want their elders to go to old age homes. The old men who brought and established their sons in the life to neglect them in their old age as utterly inhuman and worst type of degradation and meanness.