The Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu with his wife Ms Sara and 130 members delegation arrived in India on a 6-day visit. Nine defence, agriculture, trade, cyber crime, Indian investment in Israeli oil and gas sector, Israeli technical cooperation in renewable energy, civil aviation, space and industrial research, mutual investment in each other column were signed. In the defence sector the Rs. 430 crore barak missile agreement is of great importance under make in India policy India offers ample opportunity to Israel to set up defence manufacturing units in India. Mr Modi and Mr Netanyahu are personal friends. Mr Modi waiving protocol received him at the Airport. Besides Delhi Mr Netanyahu will visit Ahmedabad and Mumbai also. Israel has made miraculous research and development in the field of agriculture and defence. Since the inception of Israel in 1948 Arab nations were hostile to it. On every Arab attack the Israel retaliated with much more big hit back. It once defected 6 Arab nations in their joint attacks on Israel. The hostile conditions compelled Israel to emerge strong military nation. Before the formation of Israel it was also a desert nation. But it was Israel who gave the world plastic sheet heat controlled green house the method of cultivation. Similarly to meet the water requirement the Israel developed a method of desalination of salty water of sea and it fit for drinking and irrigation. Israel's this achievement of very great use for India as it has sea on its three sides on the East-South and the West covering the states of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat, provided by the Bay of Bengal Indian Ocean, Bay of Mumbai and Arab Sea. By desalination projects and plant India can provide water for drinking and irrigation to huge population and thousands of acres of agricultural land in there states. India can provide land space and workforce to Israeli ventures in India. With this visit both the nations are coming very close of each other for fast development and strong defence ties. In the medival period the Muslim empire ousted jews and captured their nation. For centuries they roamed like nomads indifferent countries of Europe as stateless persons. In 1948 the United Nation by a mandate again revived the Jerushalem and handed over to jews. They returned to their our nation after the gap of many centuries. The jews is the race which suffered the most for no fault of their own but because of not being able to withstand muslim empire onslaughts. Adolf Hitlar of Germany even committed genocide on jews during Second World War. Now the jews have leant from their history and now they have emerged as militarily most strong nation in the world.

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