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New Education Commission


In the beginning Modi Government as is replaced the Planning Commission with NITI Ayog, it has now decided at the fag end of its five-year term to replace the University Grant Commission with the Higher Education Commission of India. At the time of Independence there were few Universities and Colleges and to regulate and help it financially the Nehru Government set up a University Grant Commission and on its recommendations to Government grants were given to Universities and Colleges. Later is sphere of working enlarged and empowered it to look into and look after the standard of higher education and improve it. It was also authorized to decide the pay scales of professors now popularly known as UGC Scales. Now the Education right from primary school to University education mafia has turned into a racket of non-existing colleges, bogus colleges and now there are numbers of private Universities coming up in large numbers. Bihar a girls student of private college was declared as pass with top position, who has not appeared in examination. Most of such private college have no building and staff but just a sign board. They just sell out marksheets and certificates. The new proposed Commission will be empowered to secure closure of such fake and bogus colleges and the persons running such Institution will be fined and jailed for three years. There are many foreign students coming to India for education. They must not feel cheated by such institutions. The credit of Indian educational organization must be maintained at high level. The draft bill of the new Commission has been circulated for public opinion. The Commission will function as regulatory body to focus solely in academic mattes. It is freed from the funding activities. Funding and grants will be dealth with directly by the Union Ministry of Human Resources. The Commission will have powers to deal with Universities in states to bring it up on par with Central Universities. There will be an advisory committee to given directives and opinion to the Commission at every 6 months.The Commission will evaluate the yearly academic performance of higher education institutions and recommend closure of institutions that failed achieve to minimum standard.

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