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New Era in Kashmir


Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi in a national TV and Radio broadcast said that by revoking 370 and 35(A) in Kashmir has entered a new era of liberation and freedom. The people of the Kashmir would have full right and opportunities and march on fast development. The people of the region so long were deprived of all such rights because of 370 and 35(A). He asked the investors to come to Kashmir and set up industrial and provide jobs to youth. The Modi Government will focus on industrial development and job opportunities, equal perks and perquisites to police and Government staff in service condition prevent in other states, all the vacant parts in Government services will be filled up, employment to youth and complete liberation from terror. The Pakistan was using 370 as a weapon against India and terror. Two families were monopolizing the power and development come to standstill. The Ladakh region was ignored. It is a region of Buddhist religion. It has its own regional language. Nobody know or speak Urdu but Government offices here working in Urdu causing much difficulty here. All the people of Ladakh and all the leaders and parties in India welcomed the Central Rule in Ladakh. Mr.Modi has said after setting up all the thing here the full statehood would be restored to Jammu and Kashmir state. It is expected that on such occasion Ladakh will also get Vidhan Sabha there like Goa and Puducherry. The Modi Government decision on 370 was bound to create strong replies in Pakistan. In utter desperation it is acting absurd and haphazard ways. It has stopped rail links with India, bilateral trade, downgraded the High Commissioner level diplomatic relations and screening the Indian Hindi film there. People there prefer Indian film than their own Pakistani film. The rail links are mostly used by Muslims of divided families between India and Pakistan. They are coming even for medical help in serious cases. In trade also Pakistan is importing much more than exporting to India. In such a way the Pakistan has created problem for its own people. In Pakistan National Assembly the Foreign Minister for the first time said that Kashmir would become Kashmir. Till if stand was that like Bangla Desh, Kashmir should come out as separate nation. Pakistan supported the “Azadi” movement of separatist Kashmiris while India from the day one in 1947-48 said that Kashmir is an internal part of India.  In 1947-48 during the Indo-Pak war on Kashmir the United Nations by its intervention created a ceasefire that is now Line of Control and a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. The 370 was created in that situation. Now the Modi Government has abolished and Kashmir has become full-fledged state will all rights and laws applicable to it.  The Congress although opposing the move abolish 370 but facing revolt in party on it. The Congress Whip in Rajya Sabha  Mr.Bhubaneshwar Katia refused to issue Whip on the issue to Congress MPs to vote against it and resigned from the party. Mr.Jyotiraditya Scindia and Mr.Janardan Diwedi openly supported the abolition of 370. The biggest jolt come to Congress when one of its top leader Dr.Karan Singh also supported abolition of 370. Mr.Karan Singh is the son of last Ruler of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh and Sadr-e-Riyasat (Raj Pramukh) of Kashmir after its accession into India. In such a situation in Kashmir is appearing as divided house in this vital of 370.

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