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New Fertilizer


For the first time in the country the Forest Department of the Madhya Pradesh Government in associations with the scientists has successfully developed high quality fertilizer by mixing the bacteria with fungus. It is claimed that it is very economical healthy, smart and intelligent stuff. It will enable the plants to draw micro nutrients. It is a combination of seven types of fungus and bacteria.The cost of this fertilizer will be few paisas. The Additional Chief Secretary has asked the Forest Department to provide it to farmers to use it. As a pilot project 50 representatives of village panchayats from the Indore district have invited to workshop to give training in the manufacturing process of the new fertilizers. This fertilizer will save the plants and crops from the diseases. It is biodegradable fertilizers and requires one to two gramme of fungus and bacteria and requires about 2 kilo husk. For value addition vermi compost can be mixed with it and it is ready for use in 45 days. Many such innovations were launched in the past also of different nature and requirement but after sometime it just went out of use and totally forgotten.

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