New State BJP President


Mr Rakesh Singh - BJP member of Parliament from Jabalpur is the new President of the Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Patry succeeding Mr Nand Kumar Singh Chouhan, State president of Rajasthan Mr Ashok Parnani and ofAndhra Mr Hari Babu have also stepped down. All the three outgoing Presidents are made member of the Party Central Committed. It do not appear to be removal for any adverse reason but a routine change over after a term and to give new face to the party in oncoming General Elections to Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha. Mr Rakesh Singh is the O.B.C face and in the State the OBC are 51 per cent of the entire population of nearly 7-8 crores people of Madhya Pradesh. He is active in parliamentary and organisation life as being chief whip of the party in the Lok Sabha and co-incharge of party affairs in Maharashtra. He has assumed the office of the State BJP President. The Party is aspiring to win the 4th term on the Vidhan Sabha repeat the scoring in the Lok Sabha. Party has won few bye-election but lost in some seats. But the massive defeat of the party in Phalpur and Gorabhpur in Uttar Pradesh the impact of all after electoral reverses in other bye-electons became insignificant. But the BJP has realized looking in to improved performance of Congress in Gujarat. The BJP can not take anything as granted success. The Congress though far behind in the strength in Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha trying its level best of capture power in Madhya Pradesh. There is two party system between BJP and Congress in the State.