New Talab


The State Government is working on a long term plan this year for conservation of water with the digging new talab in the villages at the cost of Rs 500 crore to ensure water suplly there for all time to come. The tube well and hand pumps are not reliable rather itself liability during summer by going dry. But the new water body like talab will not only keep the tube with water supply and maintain the under ground water. The Bhopal big lake the Bhojsagar the digging out the silt is going on seriously with active participation of Mayor Mr Alok Sharma and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Kulansh River that bring in water in the Bhojsagar is being widen and dug deep to have more water to provide Bada talab. The rivers and talab salvage and restoration work will go till June 15. It is hoped by that the time most of the villages will have its own bodies to ensure year long and all the time water available all the time. The water harvesting it appears is forgotten scheme but it must be taken up again. It is also a water conservation programme. During the water conservation programme all the lost rivers in the encroachment will be revived. There are many open well now filled up due to disused should also be revived.