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Night Shelters


In capital Bhopal there are 15 night shelters but it are far below in comparison to homeless people in the city. They are mostly labourers and baggers sleeping in night on footpaths and on the doors of closed shops. The total sheltering capacity of all the 15 night shelters is about 1000. According to a social study survey there should be a night shelter of the capacity of accommodating 500 persons on the population of one lakh. The Bhopal is nearing the population of 14-15 lakhs. Large number of people are flocking in as urban homeless in search of jobs. A Central Government report said that there are earth to sky gap between the number of homeless urban population and number of shelters for them. The report said migrations from rural to urban are increasing in the entire country. About 90 per cent urban homeless have no shelter. It lamented that the Central Government sanctioned funds and approval for 1331 shelters to various states, but so far only 789 are complete and providing shelters. The situation is worst in Uttar Pradesh where out of 92 sanctioned shelters only 5 have been completed. But the State Government of Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Mizoram have performed better. But still gap is too wide and posing big challenge to the Government.

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