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Niwari-New district


The Madhya Pradesh Government has started the process of forming a new district of Niwari. It will be carved out of present Tikamgarh district taking out its three Tehsils of Niwari, Orchha, and Prithivipur to form new district presently the Madhya Pradesh has 51 district and Niwari will be 52nd district of Madhya Pradesh. The Government has formed many new tehsil but there is a shortage of Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildar and patwari. With the ever increasing public work there are massive increase is the administrative set up and posts and designation. The base of administration is district and one person is holding the charge of two office. The Collector is district Magistrate also. Now it should be bifurcated in to separate collector and separate district Magistrate. On D.M. post persons from the both the caders the IAS and IPS can be posted. In Police Commissioner system the power of D.M are vested into the Police Commissioner.

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