No G.I. Tag to Basmati rice of state is a wrong decision: CM Chouhan


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, while registering protest against the decision of G.I. Registry in connection to G.I. tag of Basmati rice, met Union Minister for Commerce Shri Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Home Rajnath Singh and Union Minister for External Affairs Smt. Sushma Swaraj and informed them about the facts at New Delhi on Friday. It may be mentioned that according to the decision of G.I. Registry taken on the basis of data provided by the APEDA on March 15, 2018 related to the rice, produced from the paddy sown in Madhya Pradesh will not be called Basmati rice. CM Shri Chouhan while apprising the Union Ministers about the facts said that the Basmati rice is being produced in 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh since last 105 years approximately. About 80 thousand farmers are connected to this farming. The basmati rice worth about Rs. 3 thousand crore of the state is exported and the quality of State’s basmati is recognised at all standards. Shri Chouhan further mentioned that the refusal of G.I. Tag to the Basmati rice of Madhya Pradesh will cause deep dissatisfaction among the basmati producing farmers in the state. Moreover, farmers will not get fair value in the market due to the absence of G.I. tag. He informed that the G.I. tag claim of Basmati rice of Madhya Pradesh is not only based on the historical evidences but also on the agro climatic condition of basmati producing districts, which is conducive for producing special type of Basmati rice. The Chief Minister said that the decision has not only caused damage to the interest of the farmers of the state but will also cause huge loss to the exporters. This decision will cause drastic decline in the foreign exchange earned through exporters of the entire country. Shri Chouhan said that the laboratory test conducted on state’s basmati on the basis of agro climatic condition of Madhya Pradesh supports the claim. Keeping in account the interest of the farmers and the state, Shri Chouhan urged the Union Ministers for their cooperation for getting Basmati G.I. tag to the rice being produced in 13 districts of the state. He further mentioned that this will help farmers, especially rice producing farmers to get right price for their produce and will increase foreign exchange remarkably. Besides this, the identity of Basmati rice of Madhya Pradesh will remain intact in the World.