No headway in tribal affairs dept official’s death


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal There has been no headway in the death of assistant director of Tribal Affairs Department Surendra Chhari’s death who was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a car near a liquor shop. Bagh Sewania police recovered his body on Tuesday morning. According to the doctors, he must have died 18 to 24 hours ago. The reasons for his death are unknown and investigations are on, said police. Chhari hails from Gwalior and his autopsy was conducted at Hamidia Hospital in the presence of his brothers and relatives who have arrived from Gwalior. People spotted him inside a car near liquor shop and informed the police. On the receipt of the information a police team rushed to the spot and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead. The deceased was identified as Surendra Kumar Chhari (55). The deceased was posted as Assistant Director of Tribal Affairs Department at Satpuda Bhawan and was a resident of Ruchi Lifescape Colony where he used to live with his wife Laxmi Chhari. The family members told the police that Surendra left the house to attend a marriage on Monday and later he was found dead. In the initial investigation police have not found any visible injury mark or signs of struggle which suggests that the deceased was not harmed before death. The possible reasons could be cardiac arrest which the deceased suffered and failed to get out of the car and raise alert for help. The reason of the death was not ascertained by the police as the post mortem report is awaited. Police suspect that the deceased might have consumed liquor heavily and died of suffocation. The mystery of death remains unclear as police have seized a mobile phone other than that of deceased’s. Chhari was sitting on the adjacent seat of driver which means someone drove the car and the doors of the car were found locked. The person who owns the mobile phone might have driven the car but the identity of the driver has not been established.