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No Power from Sardar Sarovar


The last massive dam of River Narmada in Gujarat the Sardar Sarovar has stopped the hydro power generation from its 1450 megawatt power plant due to unprecedented water shortage in the mighty river Narmada. The power plant is shut down indefinitely obviously till next rainy season. The Gujarat Government has decided to use the entire remaining water for providing drinking water. Under the Narmada Valley Project there are four dams on the river – three Bargi, Indira Sagar, Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh and the last Sardar Sarovar in the highest of all the four is in Gujarat. In the project most of the land of Madhya Pradesh is submerged. It was decided in the hydro power the biggest share of 57 per cent of power will be of Madhya Pradesh. But when Gujarat Government has shut down the hydro plant from the hydro power to Madhya Pradesh now it is zero. In the Sardar Sarovar the water storage is reduced upto 45 per cent, which is lowest in the last 15 years. This year it was deficient rains in the catchment area of the River Narmada. The water and power situation is grim and in the coming month of summer will be very critical.

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