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No respite in sight to city denizens from scorching heat


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, People in Bhopal have no respite in sight from scorching heat. It is after few hours of morning that heat starts to trouble people and by noon it gets unbearable. Weather Department said that heat wave is likely in several parts of Gwalior, Chambal, Sagar divisions and districts including Hoshangabad, Raisen, Rajgarh, Khargone, Khandwa, Rewa, Umaria, Shajapur, Agar, Badwani and Burhanpur. What could be said as solace is this is that the Weather Department has forecast slight dip in mercury level in State in coming days. The state is reeling under severe heat wave. Scorching heat with heat wave has thrown life of gear in many parts of Madhya Pradesh. It is almost impossible to step outdoors during afternoon hours. As during this time, heat is at its peak. People are planning their routine day activities according to their comfort as no one wants to hit the roads amid scorching heat. Immense heat has broken all previous records in State, leaving people high and dry. On Tuesday, Bhopal and many other parts reeled under heat wave. Bhopal’s maximum temperature remained 45.3 degrees Celsius, four degrees above normal. Maximum places in State are experiencing maximum temperature at or above 45 degrees Celsius. Jabalpur sizzled at maximum temperature of 44.5 degrees Celsius,Naugaon 46.5 degrees Celsius, Satna 43.5 degrees Celsius, Sidhi 44.2 degrees Celsius,Hoshangabad 45.7 degrees Celsius, Betul 43.8 degrees Celsius, Pachmarhi 38 degrees Celsius, Gwalior 46.4 degrees Celsius, Sagar 44.5 degrees Celsius, Damoh 46 degrees Celsius, Raisen 45.2 degrees Celsius, Indore 41.7 degrees Celsius, Khargone 45 degrees Celsius, Guna 45.4 degrees Celsius, Shajapur 44.9 degrees Celsius, Rajgarh 46 degrees Celsius, Ujjain 42.5 degrees Celsius, Ratlam 43.4 degrees Celsius, Seoni 43.2 degrees Celsius, Umaria 45.3 degrees Celsius, Khajuraho 46.2 degrees Celsius, Chhindwara 44 degrees Celsius, Shivpuri 44 degrees Celsius, Tikamgarh 44.6 degrees Celsius, Sheopurkalan 46.4 degrees Celsius and Khandwa 44.1 degrees Celsius etc.

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