Non-NDA states should reduce VAT on fuel to help consumers: BJP


New Delhi, BJP on Monday said all non-NDA states should come forward and help the consumers by reducing fuel price in their respective states. Under persistent attack by opposition parties for continuous price hike, BJP spokesperson and New Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi said, ' There are things which are within control and there are things which you cannot control.' She said it is high time, fundamental issues concerning fuel import and the prices are understood properly and 'right questions are raised'. 'Unlike what is being given out the Central role is essentially very limited when it comes to pricing of fuel, ' the BJP leader said. 'The Centre has taken a decision and the PSUs will shoulder the burden. So, are the BJP states, I will say all non-BJP states including Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi should show sensitivity and try to help the common people,' Ms Lekhi said in a press conference here. Answering questions, she said the Arvind Kejriwal led government was only indulging in false propaganda. 'It is time the state governments also reveal how much they have earned due to VAT,' she said, adding that several opposition ruled states are pointing at the Central government and not doing their part to mitigate the problems of the people. Ms Lekhi said notwithstanding the high prices of fuel, it is also a fact that the Central govt duty (tax) is 'fixed' and it is only the states which are charging in 'percentage term'. 'It is not the Central government which is increasing the taxes but the burden on the Central government to repay that oil bond prices has been there which no state is facing,' she said. The BJP spokesperson said the narratives given out by opposition leaders were not correct.

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