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Northern Borders


After 73 days stand off at Doklam and its retreat from there the China has increased its military activities in its areas near the ALC (Actual Line of Control) in Arunachal the China drive up to the borders. The Indian Army has ordered movement of troops upto the Macmohan Line after Chinese road builders workers spotted there. Due to lack of border roads the Indian soldiers had to walk for 19 hours to reach point of Chinese incursion. General Bipin Rawat on the Army Day said that the Indian Army would not allow an assertive China to intrude upto Indian territory at any cost. The pointed out that by now the China has committed 415 border transgression along the line of control last year and Doklan was one of it and other 215 other troops confrontations. India is concentrating on the spread out of it border road networks and other necessary step on the border surveillance. Taking lesson from Doklan it has been decided to give air wing to India-Tibetan Border Police for reconnaissance so that transgression by the Chinese Army troops for build up and construction activities across the border can be spotted in time. For the starters twin engined helicopters are being procured for all type of transporation at the altitudes of 16,000 - 18,000 feet in Himalayas. The air wing of the I.T.B.P will operate from its air bases at Chandigarh and Guwahati couriens almost the whole 3488 kilometer long borders with China from Jammu and Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and the North-East region including Sikkim. Now India is fortyfine its northern border with eyes from the sky. It will provide air lift to troops to reach the spot quickly. For border guarding the 15 additional battalions of the Border Security Force and the Indo-Tibetan Border police being raised out of it will be of B.S.F and 9 of I.T.B.P. Now the Chinese have adopted the strategy of intrusion on the borders. In Kashmir Valley relentless Army actions against terrorists it has adopted a new line of working against the terrorists by "corden and search operation". The Army has launched the action to dig out hidden terrorists who attack military and police in sudden action and flee to hide in homes. This has created a situation that now no body is prepared to give shelter to terrorists and they are also not feeling safe in hiding in homes. The Army Chief General Rawat has also said that madarassas and Masjid are radicalizing youths against India and even government school were working in some ways. He suggested that there was need for overhaul the education system in the Kashmir and weed out anti India elements. The Uttar Pradesh Shia Waqf Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi urged the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi to ban madrassa. Over one lakh madrassa in India are being used to aid terrorist activities. The madrassas have become lucrative business for the mullchs to collect donations.

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